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The impact of Covid-19 on learning and students

As the schools begin to move to  full capacity, many of the primary and secondary education systems face unprecedented challenges in meeting students’ academic needs. Financial strain and uncertainty from the pandemic coupled with the need for social distancing have undermined the role of traditional classrooms in student learning and increased the burden on parents and caregivers at home.

What does this mean for the typical student’s progress? And will this disruption to their learning mean that the 2019–2020 school year is effectively spent, or even wasted?

Even before the pandemic, some students were struggling their education. The impact of Covid 19 means some of these students are behind grade level.  Covid-19 has increased the gap between learning and teaching, most students are finding it hard to keep in their academic journey, especially with the arrangements put in place by the schools to try and save the school academic year. The school attendance days have decrease due to new regulations put in place. Research shows that the gap in the education has increased during the period. Students are falling behind in their studies, many are failing to adapt to new grade levels due to the disruptions that were experienced in the previous academic years 2019-2020 and the first term of 2021 being no exception.

Students have missed importance concepts that were  meant to prepare them for the next grades, therefore are finding it hard to keep up.The magnitude of these challenges has augmented the need to urgently identify and scale cost-effective solutions to help to ensure that students do not experience learning losses that could last a lifetime.

Many parents are discovering the unique benefits of online tutoring, hometutoring and homeschooling during these trying times. Here at Apex Excellence Tutors, we are having to find new ways to work and help parents during this unprecedented crisis.

Online tutoring, Home tutoring, and homeschooling can be a great resource to fall back on during this period. Parents may discover unique benefits that can’t be found in a traditional schooling environment.

The most common benefits of tutoring: 

  • Keeping children’s education on track
  • Your family can safely self-isolate and limit the spread of COVID-19
  • Ensure that children are busy and curious during these stressful times
  • Efficient: with these learning methods, there’s no need to leave the house
  • Greater flexibility: online learning sessions can be scheduled for most hours of the day
  • Advantages of using more technology
  • Tutors are available for out-of-hours guidance
  • Great for independent minds
  • Students and tutors develop a close, collaborative 1-on-1 learning dynamic

We are able to provide safe, high-quality tutoring (home and online) services to families who need help in supporting their child’s education at this unusual time. To receive our tutors’ availability for a range of subjects, including English, Maths, Literacy, Science, Languages, Accounting and Economics, please call us on 068 035 1845/067 015 9855 or email us at info@apexexcellencetutors.co.za.

We cover all subjects for grade R 12 Caps, IEB, Cambridge, Sparks curriculum, Curro Curriculum etc. Our professional tutoring models are a relatively cost-effective model to consider for your child’s education.

Amid widespread school disruptions, we continue to service our students and fulfilling our promise “education to your doorstep!” as a national solution to combat COVID-19 learning loss.

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